About Us

Our company was founded in 1981. In the early years, our main function and target was pattern production for foundries.

As a result of our successful works and growing demands from our customers, we started to provide foundry equipments, machines, establish key-end foundries, give consultancy services, project design, production, installation, education and technical support, along with pattern production.

In 1998, we started to cooperate with the major companies in foundry sector to meet our customers’ demands faster, and present them alternative solutions. We achieved to obtain wide customer portofilo in Turkey, Middle East, East Europe, Africa, Asia and IDEAL became well known, thrustworthy brand name.

Today, as IDEAL family (www.idealmodel.com.tr), besides foundry systems, for new plants intended to be established, we offer consultancy, production, installation, feasibility services and modernize the current plants with our 30 years experience and knowledge in different fields.

Our patented production “IDEAL Refractory Ramming Systems”, which is the first in Turkey, are used all over the world today. These systems are produced since 2006 have been improved each day.