Bottom Pouring Foundry Ladle BPL Series


Foundry ladles has key function when melt metal is transferred from furnace to mold. During this transfer metal matrix also could be modified by treatment in order to achieve a “good cast”. Ladles could be categorized as foundry ladles, transfer ladles and treatment ladles according to their functions. IDEAL MODEL has been manufacturing ladles from 100 kg. to 15 tons capacity. All ladles are geared with helical worm reduction hubs.

IDEAL MODEL holds world leading position in foundry ladles manufacturing with over 30 years of experience in foundry sector.

  • Advantages

    - IDEAL MODEL bottom pouring type ladles are used especially in steel casting foundries to keep slag formation away when pouring into the molds. Pouring is done through stoper-nozzle system on the bottom of ladle. Ladle is rotated to remove slag leftover when melt level is low.
    - Bottom pouring stopper and nozzle refractory bricks could be replaced without removing whole ladle refractory.
    - All IDEAL MODEL foundry ladles are designed and manufactured in European Standarts.
    - Security problems are avoided by using helical worm gear in rotation.
    - Special lining former ensures practical and fast lining.
    - Rigid steel body structure extends ladle’s lifetime and maximizes safety.
    - Ladle could be used by forklift by using optional forklift attachement.
    - Optional crane protection sheet avoids damages on crane caused by melt temprature.